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Why is is it called Boxing Day?



No it’s not a day for a scrap, or named after the unboxing from the day before. In fact it’s a holiday for us in the commonwealth, but what does it mean?


Boxing Day


It comes from the British, with the Oxford Dictionary attributing the phrase back to 1833.




And whilst we aren’t 100% on which theory is correct, these are the two leading contenders:





  1. December 26 is the day centuries ago when Lords of the Manor and the wealthy would distribute ‘Christmas boxes’ filled with small gifts, money and leftovers to household servants and employees as a recognition of good work through the year (basically a christmas bonus)





  1. Boxes were placed in churches during the advent season as a collection point for financial donations. Clergy would then distribute the contents to the poor on the 26th.





Either way, it’s helping someone less fortunate, so this chrissy, even a belated donation is appreciated.