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Olympic Rower follows in the Cods Legacy


(AP via AAP Photo/Ezra Shaw, Pool)

Young Olympic rower James McRae hails from the Australian town of Muray Bridge in South Australia, a town with a rich Olympic legacy.

The story of Australia's 1924 Olympic rowers lives on in a new film about their feats and in a young rower following in their wake.

'The Cods' as they were known, represented Austrlaia in the Paris 1924 Olympic Games in the men's eights. They were a crew made up of war veterans and working class labourers and their story was largely fogotten for decades.

A new documentary called 'Paris or the Bush' premiered earlier this year and tells the story of the Cods and their rise to fame from humble beginnings.

A big event for the town of Murray Bridge, McRae continues the legacy.

The Rio games are not the young rower's first, he was part of the men's quad crew which won bronze in London and also competed in Beijing.

He claimed gold at the 2011 World Rowing Championship and last month captained his quad crew to gold in the Rowing World Cup at Lucerne in Switzerland, placing them in good standing for Rio.

His mother Chris McRae is president of the Murray Bridge Rowing Club, where the legacy of the Cods lives on.

"There have been lots of theories about why they were so successful," she told ABC News.

"They could walk down from work, jump in a boat, go out and have a row, chase down the river boats - which they used to do for training."