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Useful Portuguese Phrases to know for Rio 2016


The language of Brazil, you will definitely hear some Portuguese if you're lucky enough to be visint Rio for the 2016 Olympic Games. But even if you're just watching on TV or following on social media, it may behoove you to really get into the spirit of the Rio Games and learn a few Portuguese phrases.

South America is known for it's colour and flair and Rio 2016 is going to be an exciting time. Some of these phrases will be especially useful for shouting at said TV in the heat of the moment while watching our Australian team!

Some handy Local experssions:
• Lindo maravilhoso! - (or linda, maravilhosa) literally means beautiful, marvelous, and is used to mean amazing, fantastic, really awesome, etc.
• Fique tranquilo - It means literally, stay calm or be calm, and it is a common way for Brazilians to help one another to deal with stressful situations. It conveys optimism and caring
• Fala sério! - This means, you've got to be kidding! The direct translation is talk seriously!
• Estar com a macaca - the literal translation is "being with the monkey"!! It means to be bad tempered
• - pra caramba! - This is used at the end of a sentence to magnify or exaggerate whatever is said. For example, if you say "I was late" (Eu estava atrasado), you can also say, "I was really, really late" (Eu estava atrasado pra caramba!)

Other useful terms:

• Olympic - Olímpicos
• Paralympic - Paralímpicos
• Athletes - Atletas
• Sports - Esportes
• Ball - Bola
• Game - Jogo
• Fast - Rápido
• Slow - Devagar
• Let’s go! Come on! - Bora!
• Class, quality, skill - Categoria