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The 'drinks are on me' snowman

Cup snowman 15ff0

It’s rather difficult to do the winter wonderland themed Christmas here in Australia,
what with our searing summer happening over the silly season.
So how about bringing to life your very own snowman that is guaranteed to never
All you need

for this crafty little Christmas project is coloured paper, staples and two
different sized plastic cups.
* Start by stapling the large plastic cups at the based following in a circular
shape. Continue to build the cups round and follow the shape until you start to
get a ball happening.
* Repeat this process with the smaller cups so that you are eventually left with
one small and one large plastic cup ball, or what are now a body and a head.
* Attach the body and head together, again with staples and then its onto the fun
part – decorating!
* Use coloured paper to make eyes, a nose and buttons. You can use all sorts of
accessories to dress your snowman. You may even want to give him a hat or
bowtie for a more sophisticated look.
This simple snowman is a cinch to make and very economical, and better yet it will
last for years to come.