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11 Ridiculously Awkward Holiday Portraits


Australia doesn’t really go for the Christmas photo tradition like our American cousins.

If some of the results we’ve see in the USA are any measure though, we think we understand why.

We’re sure someone somewhere has had a

nice Christmas photo taken somewhere. We just couldn’t find it.

christmasphoto1 62de8

We’re not sure if this shot is supposed to be ironic but it is hammier than your average Christmas dinner and cornier than that joke.


The above couple were obviously abducted and forced to pose for this ghhastly photo against their will.

christmasphoto2 fcde9

And this one just worries us. We’re not sure why but it’s the guy’s age, the saxophone, the look on his face, the look on Santa’s face or the Speedos.

christmasphoto3 7eaf9

At least it’s not as creepy as a 20 something in swimmers sitting on Santa’s lap, but it’s just as confusing.

christmasphoto4 45330

It’s not the traditional Christmas portrait but this fellow has clearly gone to some effort to get into the spirit of the holidays.

christmasphoto5 345b5

As have these guys.

We only know it’s a Christmas photo because there’s a tree in the background but when you look at the other entrants, we have to say these guys are the only ones to escape December with their dignity intact.

There is so much wrong with this one, we don't even know where to start.

christmasphoto6 17c9b

Some people don’t go big though, they just try to capture a cozy picture of the family.

christmasphoto7 de123

Like this.

christmasphoto8 dbbe6
Or this.