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Reindeer of the gingerbread variety

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Probably one of the most important jobs on Christmas Eve is to make sure Santa
and his trusty flying reindeer have those all important pick-me-up snacks sitting
by the hearth in anticipation of their visit.
It's something your kids will take

very seriously, and too right they should! Kids
above all know how tiring adventures can be.
So rather than silencing their cries of boredom with punishment-like duties such
as cleaning their rooms of the holiday period, why not get them on baking duty
to avoid a late night rush to the store on Christmas Eve.
These gingerbread reindeer are a cinch. After cooking up a batch of normal
gingerbread men following your favourite recipe, get the kids in on decorating
To make a reindeer's head, turn the gingerbread man upside down.
You'll need:
* 1 cup chocolate chips
* 1/4 cup icing sugar
* 1/3 cup white chocolate chips
* 5 small white gumdrops
Melt the choc chips in on the stove until and then dunk the head and arms of the
gingerbread man into the chocolate.
Draw some antlers up the legs with a toothpick and some of the melted
Sprinkle icing sugar over the antlers and tap off the excess.
Use white chocolate chips for the eyes and add a tab of melted dark chocolate for
the pupils.
A red mini M&M will do perfectly for the nose and white gumdrops cut
lengthways are perfect ears.
And there you should have a pretty convincing reindeer to serve up to Santa on
Christmas Eve - he won't even be able to tell the difference.