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Inspiration for the last minute shopper (for him)

military 579ccBe efficient
It’s too late to worry about getting the best gift possible for everyone on your list. You need to be strategic now.
Write yourself a list of options and then find a series of shops, close together, that are

likely to carry a few of the products. This is all about minimising travel time. If you’ve still got a day or two to go then speciality stores might still be on the table, if the clock has dipped below the 24 hours mark then I’m afraid you’re bound for the nearest mall.

doormat d66a5Yes, yes you are.
Have back ups
Upon arriving at the mall you will find every other male within driving distance in the same pickle you find yourself. This means options may be limited. You need to make all the tough decisions in advance. How badly, for example, will your mother-in-law react to a snub?
Identify the least aggressive people in your family and social circle and leave them off the list. If that seems too mean spirited then buy them a doormat, the result is about the same but at least you can blame them for being ungrateful rather than taking responsibility yourself.
Once you’re done with the doormats consider a list of options and fall back options for the left overs – this will help you to ensure you can buy all of their presents in the one shop.
hardware b2346
Think functionality
You can find waves of inspiration by considering the various shortcomings in your friends’ homes. Buy them gifts that will help them address these problems. Thorough planning could contain a large chunk of your shopping trip to the hardware store.
Important: Do not buy your wife a vacuum cleaner because she’ll spot this train of thought a mile away and spoil your Christmas by way of revenge.
craft 17711
Didn’t work?
If all else fails, see the DIY tips we’ve been running for the last month – it may be your last hope and there’ll be an extra eight or so hours for you to work on them on Christmas Eve while everyone else is asleep.