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Highest-Paid Dead Celebrities of 2018

1983 - Thriller

Although these celebs have sadly passed, it's time to celebrate their achievements once again.

Forbes have revealed the Highest-Paid Dead Celebrities of 2018, and some of these may surprise you.

  1. Michael Jackson (Musician), $400million.
    "Jackson’s posthumous roll continues, bringing in $287 million recently from the sale of his estate’s stake in EMI Music Publishing to Sony" - Forbes.
  2. Elvis Presley (Musician), $40million
    "He still moves more than 1 million albums every year, but the bulk of the King’s coin comes from tickets to Graceland and a new $45 million entertainment complex called Elvis Presley’s Memphis" - Forbes
  3. Arnold Palmer (Athlete), $35million 

  4. Charles Schulz (Cartoonist), $34million

  5. Bob Marley (Musician), $23million

  6. Dr Seuss (Author), $16million

  7. Hugh Hefner (Businessman), $15million

  8. Marilyn Monroe (Actress), $14million

See the full list here.