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Stabbed Police Dog Undergoing Further Surgery

Image Supplied: QPS 

The incredibly brave Queensland Police Dog, Kaos, will undergo further surgery on his stab wound at 4:00PM on Monday.

Kaos was initially listed as being in a 'critical' condition, but his condition later improved to 'stable'.

The seven-year-old canine was knifed in the neck with a 12-centimetre knife by a man accused of stealing a car at Gordon Park, in Brisbane's North on the weekend.  

His handler kept him alive at the scene by performing first aid.  

Senior Sergeant Sean Baxendell labelled PD Kaos 'courageous'. The fact that he "Sustained a stab wound and continued his police dog duties and apprehended two suspects is a magnificent demonstration of what a police dog does".

He said Kaos' handler is being supported, "He is very concerned about Kaos". He said the entire Police Dog Squad has been maintaining a vigil by the side of the canine and his handler.

Senior Sergeant Baxendell said the entire dog squad is a very tight knit group and this has brought them closer together.

Kaos' surgery on Monday afternoon is to further assess the wound and check for nerve damage.  

Senior Sergeant Baxendell said the result of this assessment will determine whether or not PD Kaos can continue his career within the Police Service.  

If the surgery goes well, he said they would expected PD Kaos to be back on the streets with his handler within a month.

Two men face charges.  

By Michelle Brewer