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Video piracy falls as streaming catches on

glenn carstens peters EOQhsfFBhRk unsplash

Australians are turning their backs on illegally downloaded films, television shows and video games in favour of streaming services, a survey has found.

Four out of five Australians questioned as part of a federal copyright infringement survey say they download, stream or share content online - both legally and illegally.

But only 16 per cent of the nearly 2500 respondents admitted some of what they watched wasn't legally acquired.

That's down from 32 per cent last year, putting online piracy at its lowest level in five years.

Communications Minister Paul Fletcher welcomed the survey's findings.

"It is pleasing to see Australians increasingly turning to legitimately sourced content," Mr Fletcher said.

"It is widely accessible and reasonably priced, which supports the continued growth and success of our creative industries."

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