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Qld Father Of Two Shot Dead During Home Invasion

A Queensland father of two has been shot and killed during a bungled home invasion in the United States. 

Brenton Estorffe, formerly of the Sunshine Coast, was shot dead by intruders who broke into his home in Texas on Wednesday, according to News Corp.

The 29-year-old reportedly headed offshore to pursue his dream of playing in the NFL and was sleeping next to his wife when he heard the sound of breaking glass and went to investigate.  

Local police reports suggest he was then confronted by the intruders who shot him on the spot.  His two children were sleeping in the home at the time.  

No one has been arrested over the shooting at this stage.

Local TV station KHOU 11 reports neighbours are wondering if there was a specific reason the Estorffe household was targeted by the intruders.

Mr Estorffe studied to be a personal trainer before moving to the US.

By Michelle Price