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VIRAL VIDEO | Crash-Tackled Hungarian Fined

UPDATE | The Hungarian national, who was crash-tackled by a Sunshine Coast Police Officer after interrupting a press conference outside the Maroochydore Courthouse on Wednesday, has escaped with a fine. 

39-year-old father of two, Laszlo Fekete, was initally charged with Public Nuisance and Stalking after leaving the press conference to say some inappropriate things to a 19-year-old girl.  

He was chased by her father back towards the cameras and that's when Senior Sergeant Daren Edwards kicked into action, lunging at Laszlo and grabbing him around the lower legs and causing him to hit the ground.  

The court heard on Thursday that Laszlo is studying at Mooloolaba TAFE.  

The charge of Stalking was dropped, but he has been fined $300 for Public Nuisance.  

Laszlo spoke candidly to media outside court, saying he would like to discuss the crash tackle with a Lawyer, saying it was painful.

Senior Sergeant Daren Edwards used to play Rugby League. When asked if he liked the NRL he said he did and really liked the Lions, Brisbane's AFL side.

He also said he is going for Queensland in the State of Origin series.

In response to a question about possibly being forced to leave Australia, he said "I think it's too much" adding he feels like he's been abused.

He stressed that he has never tried to 'sidestep' authorities before and wasn't aware that the video of him being crash-tackled had gone viral.

He told media he was a ballet dancer and moved to Australia because he heard that "magic happens" here and wanted to experience that. He said he likes everything about Australia except for the Police, at the moment everything is "police, police, police".

Laszlo denies saying anything to the woman whose father chased him on Wednesday, saying he thinks she made up the story.

He said he was put in the Watchouse the night before the crash-tackle for talking to people. When asked if he was talking to a woman, he replied, "I don't know, there are too many women in my life". He describes himself as a "friendly person".

Laszlo said he is divorced and single. He said he would apologise to the woman he offended if she thought his comments were offensive, but he pointed out that she was wearing a miniskirt.

EARLIER | A Hungarian man has been crash-tackled by a Sunshine Coast Police Officer after interrupting a press conference outside the Maroochydore Courthouse on Wednesday.  

The Senior Sergeant initially tried to placate the man, after he trotted over and started to voice his concerns about his court case into the waiting microphones.  

The man reportedly already faces a charge of Public Nuisance.

Later the Hungarian national reportedly said some inappropriate things to a 19-year-old girl, also standing outside court.

He was chased off by her father and that's when a Sunshine Coast Senior Sergeant sprung into action.   

The Police Officer was later spotted bleeding from a graze on his forehead.  

More Police can be seen running from behind a fence to assist with taking the man into custody.  

The man is expected to face further charges of Public Nuisance when he appears in court on Thursday.  

By Michelle Price