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Rockstar Snider wants to fight Palmer

clive palmer

Twisted Sister lead singer Dee Snider has challenged Clive Palmer to a fist fight amid their legal dispute over the mining magnate's alleged use one the American rock band's songs without permission.

Snider says Mr Palmer used his band's 1980s hit We're Not Gonna Take It as inspiration for a song used in a television advertisement for his United Australia Party.

The rock star has launched legal action against Mr Palmer after their Twitter flame war, but Snider thinks they should just sort out their dispute physically while he's touring in Australia.

"I'd like to have a fist fight with him," Snider told the Courier-Mail.

"I'm 63, he's 64. Let's get rid of the lawyers and duke it out. Just don't let him sit on me! I'm fit as f***, I'll kick his ass, but he's got one move, which is the ass plant. He could crush me and there'd be nothing I could do."

The singer said Mr Palmer had initially approached him for a license to use the song and was quoted $125,000, but then decided not to pay.

Snider also said it was especially infuriating as his song was about free choice and Palmer's "party is not pro-choice, especially in terms of women's rights".

The singer said he decided to sue Mr Palmer, who had a "theme" of failing to pay people, as a warning.

"It's very frustrating that he's so blatant and fragrant with the law. I've dealt with a lot of politicians using my song, you tell them to stop, they say 'fine, I don't like your band anyway' and they walk away," he said.

"This is another level."

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