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Rare and cute foal joins herd at Vic zoo


A supplied imaged obtained on Tuesday, January 22, 2019, shows a Mongolian Wild Horse foal, Bataar, who was welcomed into its herd this month at the Werribee Open Range Zoo. (AAP Image/Werribee Open Range Zoo)

With his sandy blond coat, gangly legs and spiky mane, Mongolian wild horse foal Bataar is a hero to his herd.

Thought to be one of just 2000 of the endangered species remaining across the globe, the prized baby was born at a Victorian zoo which on Tuesday made public some photos and footage of the cute youngster.

Bataar - which means hero in Mongolian - calls Werribee Open Range Zoo home, where he was born on January 8 and spends his days running beside mum, Mahan.

The healthy foal is proof of the zoo's successful breeding program.

"Bataar's got the whole herd looking out for him so he doesn't have a trouble in the world. He's growing stronger and more confident by the day," keeper Linda Gardiner said.

They are the only surviving horse species not domesticated by humans.

The subspecies of horse, Przewalski, once lived across parts of Europe and central Asia had been listed extinct in the wild in 1960s brought it was brought back from the brink.

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