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Port Pirie Regional Council 2022-2023 Draft Budget

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Residents could be looking to pay over $60 more in rates on average under Port Pirie Regional Council's latest draft budget.

The draft budget was brought to the table at the council meeting last Wednesday, June 22, and will now be opened to the public for comment.

Under the proposal, the increase for 2022-23 for the average residential property would be $61 compared with a $33 increase in the 2021-22.

As laid out in the 2022-23 budget, civic leaders and the management team, plan to spend $14 million on capital works.

Projects include the recently-announced $6.1 million Greening Program, a planned $1.7 million upgrade of the Solomontown Beach area, improvements worth $1.5 million to council-owned buildings with a focus on ease of access, public art and opportunities including new short features displayed by the City Park projector.

Photo: By Spencer Gulf Broadcasters