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New Eco-Friendly Packaging For Some Clare Valley Wines

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Some Clare Valley wine is set to be packaged in new eco-plastic bottles.

The new bottles feature the look of the standard wine bottle, however feature a flatter side profile allowing more bottles to fit in a standard case.

The new bottles are said to help reshape the carbon footprint of wine by targeting the industry’s environmental hotspot, while the use of the recycled plastic also sees the bottles over 80 percent lighter.

Packaging company Packamama are behind the project in a collaboration with wine companies such as Taylors Wines in Auburn.

Chief executive and founder of Packamama, Santiago Navarro said while it's a departure from the traditonal round wine bottle he's confident the time is right for Australian winemakers to respectfully challenge a couple of centuries of tradition.

Image by Markus Distelrath from Pixabay