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Petrol Prices Surge Across The Region

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Petrol prices have hit their highest on record across the Region, with experts blaming a fallback from the pandemic and higher demand as widespread travel resumes.

Current prices are being advertised at around 166.9c/L across most regional and rural outlets yesterday.

The RAA’s Mark Borlace says current prices are the highest we’ve had since 2009 when record collection began, and on average consumers are being slugged about $24 extra per tank.

Port Augusta displayed prices between 166 and 170 per litre for unleaded, while various locations on the Yorke Peninsula recorded up to 177c/L yesterday.

Stations further off the highway such as Terowie and Wilmington had the lowest prices on offer this week, as well as Port Wakefield who were advertising as low as 160.9c/L.

Prices are expected to remain high for around two weeks.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay