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Yorke Peninsula Landowners Welcome Mining Ombudsman Recommendation

matt forster ksIkq QUSSk unsplash

Rural landholders on the Yorke Peninsula have welcomed the recommendation for the establishment of a mining ombudsman following a state parliamentary inquiry.

An inquiry held by a cross-party committee chaired by independent Member for Frome, Geoff Brock, looked into the protections for landholders when a mining company wants access to their property.

Further to the establishment of an ombudsman, five more recommendations were put forward by the committee, including a suggestion to work begin on developing standalone legislation, similar to NSW and Queensland, to regulate mining companies’ access on private land.

Mining Minister, Dan van Holst Pellekaan, told parliament on Thursday the government had been open about the need for more reforms in this area.

However, the Association of Mining and Exploration Companies Chief Executive, Warren Pearce, defended the right of miners saying, the reality is that the person who sits on top of the land doesn't own the minerals beneath it. 

"They belong to the state and the community and there should be an opportunity to explore for them to see if value can be created and opportunities, both economic and employment opportunities, can be created for the broader community," says Mr Pearce.

The government reviewed and updated its mining regulations and legislation last year.

Photo by Matt Forster on Unsplash