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The Southern Flinders' Special Connection To The Australian Cricket Team

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The Southern Flinders Ranges share a unique connection to the Australian cricket team.

The iconic cream woollen vests with the green V-neck have been made at Sliver Fleece manufacturers in Adelaide for 40 years with wool sourced from Flinders Merino, a group of wool producers from the Southern Flinders Ranges.

The company has always used Australian sourced wool but the focus is now on the South Australian wool story.

Silver Fleece Owner and Director Cathy Barton says, "We have got a wonderful relationship with the growing group. We source their pure wool through Michell Wool and the growers are really thrilled that their wool is on the backs of Test players."

Silver Fleece makes its clothes from start to finish and is one of the last remaining wool manufacturers in Australia.

Dressing the Australian cricket team is something the company has kept quiet for years, but Ms Barton says now is the time to share — especially to all the cricket devotees.

Silver Fleece is also heading down the activewear path, creating not only the cricket jumpers but other sporting wear, as well as smaller garments and blankets for tiny babies.