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Booleroo Centre Main Street Sculpture Installations

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A few new friendly faces have popped up on the main street of Booleroo Centre.

Several Australian native animal sculptures have been placed along the median strip by the Booleroo Centre Community Development & Tourism Association (BCCDTA) and their installation has tourists and locals flocking for photo opportunities.

The Kangaroos, Emus and Kookaburras were designed by a South Australian company called Uracast and a tractor, designed by Wirrabara local, Peter Adams has also been included as a nod to local Steam and Traction Museum.

The Drought Committee Program received $54,000 to complete the upgrades, and they were able to employ local people, businesses and community groups to complete works.

There are still a few more animals to be added to the collection on Stephens Street so keep your eyes peeled.

Photo: By Spencer Gulf Broadcasters