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Laura Flu Vaccination Session Today

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The Crystal Brook Medical Practice and Laura District Medical Practice flu vaccination sessions are back today to vaccinate all vulnerable members of the community.

Eligible people include those over 65, Aboriginal people, pregnant women and homeless people.

In an attempt to avoid mass gatherings, the clinic will be run as a drive through service at Laura Football oval on Tuesday May 11.  

Important information on the second session:

Laura Football Oval, Tuesday May 11, 9am-11am

Please note the following:

-        Sit with your arm accessible next to the window.

-        Do not alight your vehicle or mingle with others.

-        Do not bring children to this clinic.

-        You will be required to stay for observation for 15 minutes after the injection.

-        You MUST NOT HAVE/HAD a covid-19injection within 14 days of the flu vaccine.

Contact the surgery for any other queries: 8643 2500

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay