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Port Pirie is getting Swept off the Kerbside

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The Port Pirie Council is the owner of a new street sweeper set to keep the town clean. 
The new sweeper will be in use around the CBD and in areas of higher lead contamination and locations frequented by children.
The new sweeper is a first for South Australia. It has improved technology including GPS so they can remove potentially contaminated dirt and debris more efficiently and effectively from the community.
It will use water to also clean the area however, the new truck is economic and minimalises water usage. 
It is anticipated removing the material from the community will lessen lead exposure pathways and result in lower community blood lead levels.
The Port Pirie Council is also hoping for a better presented community. 
Material collected by the cleaning equipment will be returned to the smelter and not deposited at the council transfer station as is the practice with the council sweepers.
SOURCE: Port Pirie Council 

Image by Debbie Courson Smith from Pixabay