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Gel Blaster Protest After Wilmington Business Closes Down

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A COVID Safe protest against the new Gel Blaster Laws will take place in Port Augusta this weekend at Gladstone Square, after one man’s business was forced to close down in Wilmington.

Wayne Poynter was forced to close his ‘WarZone Skirmish’ business following SAPOL’s laws regarding the possible prosecution of anyone who deals, owns or possesses a gel blaster and does not hold the appropriate firearms licence.

Local man Ralf Helwig who regularly attends Mr Poynters establishment believes the change in the laws are ‘totally ridiculous’ and has said, “There is always a handful of people that spoil it for everyone.”

Mr Poynter, who also owns the ‘Stony Creek Bush Camp Caravan Park’ has said that he sees the ban as ‘the final straw’ with his caravan park now empty due to the ban, following the closing of his ‘WarZone Skirmish’ business. He has said, “It is just heartbreaking.”

Many local community members use the ‘WarZone Skirmish’ as a way to get out of the house and spend time with like-minded people, keeping their mental health in check but that has now been taken away from them.

Mr Poynter who has said the closure has ‘shaken him to his very core’, hopes that the protest will help raise awareness and lead to the eventual reversing of the ban, allowing him to re-open his much loved business in Wilmington.

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