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All the Results from Footy Grand Finals


This weekend saw clubs from across the region go head to head for their grand finals, in case you missed it, here are the results.

The Spencer Gulf League’s under 18’s, Central Augusta beat Port by 31 points. For the B Grade South Augusta beat PropRisdon by 29 points. South Augusta’s A Grade team then won their 5th premiership in a row after defeating PropRisdon by 42 points.

The North Eastern League’s Under 17’s, saw Min-Man beat North Clare by 43 points. For the B Grade it was down to the wire when B.S.R beat North Clare by only 2 points. For the A Grade, B.S.R beat South Clare by 24 points.

The Whyalla Football League’s Thirds’s, saw Central Whyalla beat Weroona Bay by 23 points. It was a nail bitter for the Reserves when West Whyalla beat Central Whyalla by just 5 points, but it was a different story for the A Grade when West Whyalla lost their first game of the season by 15 points to Central Whyalla.

The Northern Areas League saw Orroroo beat Broughton-Mundoora by 22 points for the senior colts. In the Reserves Broughton-Mundoora got the job done beating Southern Flinders by just 4 points. The A Grade team from Broughton-Mundoora then topped it off after they defeated Orroroo by 30 points.

Catch the scores for Under 18's, B Grade and A Grade below:



Memorial Oval

A Grade

PropRisdon 11.11-77 v 18.11-119 South Augusta

B Grade

South Augusta 11.11-77 v 7.6-48 PropRisdon

Under 18

Central Augusta 9.7-61 v 4.6-30 Port



Crystal Brook

A Grade

Broughton-Mundoora 10.14-74 v 6.8-44 Orroroo

B Grade

Southern Flinders 3.6-24 v 3.10-28 Broughton-Mundoora

Senior Colts

Broughton-Mundoora 6.6-42 v 9.10-64 Orroroo




A Grade

B.S.R 12.10-82 v  9.4-58 South Clare

 B Grade

B.S.R 5.4-34 v 4.8-32 North Clare

Under 17

Min-Man 9.13-67 v 4.0-24 North Clare



Bennett Oval

A Grade

West Whyalla 9.10-64 v 12.7-79 Central Whyalla

B Grade

West Whyalla 5.9-39 v 4.10-34 Central Whyalla

Under 18

Central Whyalla 8.10-58 v 5.5-35 Weeroona Bay