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Copper Coast Creatives Showcased

light show

The Wallaroo Silo Light Show is making a return, with submissions now open for the Copper Coast creatives to become a part of the festivities.

The Show will launch later this year commencing after sunset and aims to celebrate the Copper Coast’s unique history and also local artists, who will be given the chance to display their works.

The theme of the grand opening show will be “Copper Coast - Through Your Eyes”, where residents and visitors can express how they view the region.

The Copper Coast Council are accepting artworks, photos, drawings and even music, which will then be incorporated into selected the light shows.

“What better way to open our event than exhibiting what the Copper Coast has to offer, while giving our community the chance to display their creativity,” CEO Russell Peate said.

“We’ve got some fantastic sights which draw tourists here, and it’ll be fantastic to see them all illuminated on the silos.”

“Not all content will run in the opening show, and we’ll be looking to share the contributions around for each show.”

“If content does not run in one show, does not mean it won’t be displayed in the future as many other themed shows are being planned for the future.”

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Photo by Pixabay from Pexels