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Pirie’s Blood Lead Levels Could be Reduced

port pirie road
Port Pirie’s new street sweeping program hopes to see a reduction in blood lead levels.
Port Pirie Regional Council have embarked on a partnered with TLAP, to trial new cleaning equipment which will be used on gutters and footpaths in the CBD and in areas of higher lead contamination. 
The new cleaning equipment has improved technology, with the material collected to be returned to the smelter and not deposited at the council waste transfer station. 
According to Council, the removing of the material from the community could assist in reducing exposure pathways and therefore result in reducing community blood lead levels.
This could be great news for the region, it was previously reported by SA Health (from January- March 2020), that that the average amount of lead in children living in Port Pire, was recorded at its highest level in over 10 years.
Image Supplied by Rob Lawry