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Whyalla’s Cuttlefish at a Record High

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From approximately 13,000 to 250,000, Whyalla locals are rejoicing as record high numbers of Giant Australian Cuttlefish have been recorded at Point Lowly for 2020.

The recently released scientific population survey, conducted by the South Australian Research Development Institute (SARDI), has indicated how the times have changed since 2013, where a record low population of 13,000 was recorded.

The 2020 population has more than doubled from 2019, with Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development David Basham welcoming the positive result for the iconic species.

“This is fantastic news and a welcome reflection of how our government has used the best available scientific information to inform our decisions to ensure healthy fish stocks and benefit all South Australians,” said Minister Basham.

Minister Basham said that the continued population growth since that time means that there were no longer sustainability concerns for the majestic Giant Australian Cuttlefish.

“This is wonderful news and should be celebrated by all South Australians and in particular the local Whyalla tourism industry who can expect to have another big year in 2021,” said Minister Basham.

“We have population data now which should give everyone confidence that this species has rebounded back to healthy levels.”

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