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Round 5 Footy Results


Another weekend of local footy is done and dusted, in case you missed it here are the Round 5 results from across the region.

The Spencer Gulf League saw South Augusta take out Port by 33 points (94-61) while Proprisdon defeated West Augusta by 30 points (93-63). 

Crystal Brook showed Southern Flinders with a 41-point win (108-67) for the Northern Areas League, while BMW lost to Orroroo by 18 points. (82-64)

The Whyalla Football League saw three matches across the weekend, with West Whyalla dominating Roopena by 86 points (121-35) and North Whyalla taking out South Whyalla by 58 points (77-19) on Saturday.   

Central Whyalla beat Weeroona Bay by 13 points (77-64) on Sunday.

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