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Port Pirie’s Smelter Picnic Cancelled

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Port Pirie Regional Council have announced that the 2020 Smelters Picnic has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus.

Following a meeting that Mayor Leon Stephens, Local Member Geoff Brock and Nyrstar has had with the Smelters Picnic Committee, it was decided that due to the ongoing uncertainty associated with the removal and easing of restrictions, the 2020 event will be cancelled.

Community Stakeholders and the Smelters Picnic Committee have highlighted that they are, “Aware of the huge significance and positive impact the picnic has on the Port Pire community and wider region each year,” however believe this is the correct decision at this time.

It has been made clear that the decision has been considered a once-off, with stakeholders stating that they are, “Committed to meet regularly with the Smelters Picnic Committee to review the status of the restrictions and to continue to discuss if a smaller community event for this current year could be organised in place of the picnic.”

Mayor Leon Stephen said, “It is with great regret that we forgo this year’s picnic, only once before has this been done , it goes to show the extenuating circumstance we are dealing with , but as always this fanatic group of volunteers have chosen to see it as a challenge and plan to come back bigger than ever in 2021, we look forward to enjoying our picnic again soon."

He went on  to say, "But could I ask one thing of you, volunteers are the backbone of our community and this group of volunteers are looking for more helpers do think you could spare some time to help , if you could not only would it be personally rewarding but ensure this 117 year old tradition lives on for your children. If you think you can help make contact through the Smelters Picnic Committee page.”  

Image: Pixabay