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SA Water Remind Locals to Use Toilet Paper Only

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SA Water have released a statement reminding locals to only flush toilet paper and no other products.

SA Water’s General Manager of Customers, Strategy and Innovation Anna Jackson said, “In the current situation we’re all in, we understand people are trying to conserve their toilet paper use and are perhaps starting to use another household item to clean up.”

“Unfortunately, flushing things like tissues, paper towel, wet wipes or newspaper down the toilet can lead to problems for both you and our crews, because unlike toilet paper, which is deliberately designed to break down in around 30 seconds, these other items don’t disintegrate in the sewer system”

The Copper Coast Council have stated that strange items have been found in council’s sewage treatment plants recently, with council encouraging locals to use a bin in your bathroom for items other than toilet paper.

Image Source: Pexels