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Water Infrastructure Rebate Changes Benefit Locals

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Member for Frome Geoff Brock has raised concerns in regards to drought assistance eligibility for the On-farm Emergency Water Infrastructure Scheme.

In January Mr Brock was contacted by a Mid North primary producer, who highlighted that fact that rebates under the scheme only allowed for a single funding application for the duration of the program which remains open until March of 2021.

A once-off rebate of up to 50% - to a maximum of $50,000 was allocated to primary producers. Mr Brock then contacted the Primary Industries Minister Tim Whetstone, requesting that multiple applications may be made by a singular producer, during the funding period to the total value of $50,000.

“Harvest and wool cheques are annual events, which makes cash flow an issue and new infrastructure is only considered on an annual basis.

 “Allowing farmers to apply multiple times for the rebate, up to the $50,000 cap, is more equitable and reduces financial pressure in our drought-stricken agricultural industry, while also providing more flexibility,” Mr Brock said.

“I am therefore extremely pleased to see, following discussions with the Minister, that these changes, allowing multiple applications, have been instituted and will provide more resources to primary producers in South Australia in relation to water during drought and dry times."

Image Source: Pexels