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Grains Research Event in Balaklava Tomorrow

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Locals in the Mid North are set to attend the Grains Research and Development Corporation - Grains Research Update event in Balaklava tomorrow.

Agronomists, consultants, researchers and growers, will be able to discuss the latest in research at the event, whilst net working with fellow peers about new and relevant information.

The latest farming systems will be discussed with appearances from multiple guest speakers, with 60 people are already set to attend the event at the Town Hall.

The following topics will be presented:

Peter Newman of AHRI, Planfarm with:

What’s the cost of Harvest Weed Seed Control for you?

Demonstration of a tool that uses crop yields, sowing area, costs of options and efficacy on locally important weed species to determine the best HWSC option for a given situation.

Brian Dzoma of SARDI with:

The ‘How’s’ and ‘Why’s’ of deep ripping sandy soils

An explanation for the deep ripping of sandy soils and how to achieve the best results. Expected magnitude of improvement in crop performance.

Gerard McMullen of National Working Party on Grain Protection:

Use of chemicals and residues arising

Perceptions and requirements of key export markets and the implications for advisers and growers.

Glenn Fitzgerald and Audrey Delahunty of Agriculture Victoria:

Rapid post-event frost damage assessment - can it be achieved?

In-paddock tools to detect and quantify frost damage in wheat to enable better hay cutting decisions.

Chris Preston of The University of Adelaide:

Integrating new chemistries in the field- Update on resistance data for pre-emergent herbicides. Best use of new chemistries in the context of crop safety plant back, where they fit in the of rotation, soil, rainfall and seasonal impacts.

Image Source: Pexels