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Port Pirie Local Damon Walsh Win’s Award


Port Pirie local Damon Walsh has been recognised for his work at the South Australian Belgravia Leisure Awards.

Walking away with a Leadership Award, Walsh is considered a model employee by Centre Manager, Terry McGinnis.

Mr Walsh’s work ethic has been described as exemplary and was praised for his commitment to lead by example, whilst ensuring that he displays honesty and integrity at all times.

Damon has many other voluntary positions with various sport organisations such as tennis, volleyball and the Crystal Brook Swimming Club.

“Damon’s work performance is always exemplary and he leads others through his conduct and work ethic, continually seeking to improve not only his own performance, but that of others. He is an outstanding young man, who gives his all every day. His dedication to the role and the Sports Precinct is outstanding,” said Mr McGinnis.

Image Supplied by Port Pirie Regional Council