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Operation National Day of Action in Port Pirie

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Operation National Day of Action was recently conducted by South Australian Police, with this year’s focus on drink and drug driving offences.

Port Pirie Police were involved in the initiative and detected several drivers in Port Pirie. 

A 53-year-old local man, who allegedly tested positive to methamphetamine. The man was issued a 24-hour driver direction notice and his sample will be sent to Forensic Science SA for further analysis.

The passenger in the car, a 46-year-old local woman, was also arrested for an outstanding warrant and issued an expiation notice after police allegedly located an amount of cannabis in her possession.

The man and woman were also issued drug diversion notices for alleged possession of drug paraphernalia.

That same day, a 31-year-old driver, was stopped and drug tested allegedly returning a positive result to methamphetamine.

The 31-year-old woman was taken the Port Pirie Police Station for further testing where Police alleged, she refused to comply with police directions.

She was issued a six-month instant loss of licence and her car was impounded for 28 days. Her vehicle was also defected.

Image Source: Pexels