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SA Police Remind Locals of Beach Thefts

beach girl

South Australian Police are urging locals to remain vigilant with their valuables, while hitting the beach during the warmer weather.

Police advise, keeping a watchful eye on belongings and ensuring your vehicle is locked and secure at all times.

Police suggest the following:

*Minimise what valuables you take to the beach and attach your keys to a large chain to reduce the chance of losing them in the sand.

*If possible, lock valuables in the boot of your car, but don’t leave items in plain sight.

*If you go for a walk or a swim, take your valuables with you.

*Concealing items of value in shoes and towels isn’t safe; thieves could be watching you hide them, and they know where to look anyway.


Examples of suspicious behaviour include:

*Stopping to rummage through someone else’s property

*Walking back to check out belongings

*Taking something and walking off

*Not dressed for the beach, watchful, looking around; they just don’t seem to fit in.


Police remind locals to report anyone acting suspiciously or stealing items on the beach immediately on 131 444.

Image Source: Pexels