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The Flinders Ranges Council Community Ballot Results Declared

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The Flinders Ranges Council have announced that the AEC have officially declared the results of the recent Community Ballot.

The Ballot was facilitated in an effort to determine the communities support of a potential National Radioactive Waste Management Facility (NDWMF) at Wallerberdina Station.

Mayor Peter Slattery said “71 per cent of those eligible exercised their right to participate in the ballot.”

The results determined that, 47.33% of the community voted ‘Yes’ with 408 votes counted, while 52.67% voted ‘No’ with 454 votes counted.

The results of the Community Ballet are as follows:

Number of Eligible Voters – 1,238

Number of envelopes /ballot papers returned for scrutiny- 880

Ballot papers admitted to scrutiny- 86

Informal Votes- 6

Formal Votes accepted 862

Yes Votes 408 (47.33%)

No Votes 454 (52.67%)

Mayor Slattery added “These results may be tight, but they certainly could not be construed to represent broad community support.”

With the declaration of a final NDWMF set to be made early next year, the results will now be passed on to the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science and to Minister Canavan for consideration.

Minister Canavan, has announced, “This ballot does not demonstrate a sufficient level of support and I will no longer consider this site an option for the facility.

“While we will not be proceeding with a radioactive waste site at Wallerberdina Station, I will continue to work with the community to invest $2 million through our Community Benefits Fund, and we will look for further ways to provide investment and benefits to the Flinders Ranges region.”

For more information on the project click here

Image Source: Pexels