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Peterborough Sets Example for Wastewater Purification

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Peterborough’s High Rate Algae Pond project has won the SA Australian Water Association Infrastructure Project Innovation Award.

Described as a remarkable wastewater treatment model, the sustainable purification of wastewater has proved to be an efficient way for regional towns to reuse precious water, with the project taking advantage of naturally occurring algae, which then carries out the purification process.

The project is now in the running for the national AWA awards to be held in Adelaide in May next year.

Peterborough is home to the latest installation of the project and has already attracted attention from international researchers.

It has been suggested that High Rate Algae Ponds have the potential to redefine the way we approach wastewater treatment in rural communities around the world.

Researchers from the University of Nantes in France visited Peterborough, in an effort to explore the opportunities for collaboration and along with the intended application of the system to rural communities in France.

The project is a great example of not only helping the environment but also supporting better health standards and the local economy, whilst lowering the carbon footprint of regional communities.

Image Supplied by Flinders University