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Whyalla Jetty Exclusion Zones Remain

whyalla exclusion zones

Demolition of the old Whyalla jetty has been completed but the exclusion zone remains in place.

The exclusion zones around the construction site on the water has been marked with buoys that were put in place to ensure locals safety.

There has been reports of people ‘cutting the corners’ on the northern side of the zone as they come back into the marina, which could result in a serious incident with underwater cables and vessels in the exclusion zone at various times.

The exclusion zone will stay in place until early next year.

The zones are as follows:

Northern Ex Zone Buoy

Latitude: 33°2’29.51”S

Longitude: 137°35’42.72”E


Southern Ex Zone Buoy

Latitude: 33°2’39.04”S

Longitude: 137°35’39.70”E


Eastern Ex Zone Buoy

Latitude: 33°2’33.85”S

Longitude: 137°35’43.94”E


Western Ex Zone Buoy

Latitude: 33°2’35.95”S

Longitude: 137°35’32.18”E

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