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Farming Equipment at Risk in the Yorke Peninsula and Mid North


Yorke Mid North police are urging vigilance around security of farming equipment in an effort to combat opportunistic thieves.

With harvest season upon us police are urging the agricultural community to be mindful of vehicle security during the 2019 season, following a number of thefts during the 2018 harvest.

There have already been several reported thefts in the past few months with thieves targeting equipment including UHF radios, auto steer components and GPS units.

Balgowan, Wallaroo, Kadina and Riverton were all targeted last year.

The theft of farm machinery or equipment can cause considerable personal and financial loss for farmers and police are encouraging locals to take precautionary measures to reduce the opportunity for theft.

Pevention tips are as follows:

* Always know where your equipment is located on the farm. 
* Never leave keys in machinery, and ensure you secure any vehicle cabs. 
* If machinery breaks down, do not leave it in a paddock. Have the machinery moved to a shed or location near the house. 
* If securing your vehicle or equipment is not possible, consider immobilising the machinery by removing the distributor cap or battery. Machines that are rarely used, stored outside or in remote areas should also be immobilised in this manner. 
* Consider using a chain to secure machinery to each other or to a strong anchor point such as a tree. You can also chain and lock the front wheel to the rear wheel or axle. 
* Build a fenced enclosure that can be padlocked shut for heavier equipment that cannot be secured in sheds. 
* Ensure that all machinery and pieces of equipment are marked with identification and maintain an inventory with a description including serial number, chassis and model numbers of the machinery.
* Use metal engravers or a welder to mark your property with ‘SA’ for your state and your driver’s licence number. 
* Photograph and video machinery and valuable items and store them with your inventory. 
* Use lockable fuel caps. 
* Secure tools and tool boxes.

Image Source: Pexels