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CFS Are Calling the Community to Be Prepared for Bush Fires This Summer

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Yesterday’s Hay Shed fires in Jamestown and Wallaroo are a timely reminder that bushfire season is well and truly upon us in regional South Australia.

It is speculated that the fires were caused by a spontaneous combustion due to proteins found in the hay, with 99% of spontaneous combustions caused by this.

CFS Chief Officer Mark Jones stated that given the hot and dry conditions in this state, it's possible South Australia could have bushfires similar to those seen in New South Wales and Queensland in the past two months.

Minister for Emergency Services, Corey Wingard has said “Just because we haven't seen a large fire in South Australia for a few years, doesn't mean people should become complacent.”

CFS are encouraging locals to remain informed of the any weather warnings broadcasted, while accessing CFS’s 5 Minute Survival Plan which guides individuals on how to develop a fire escape plan specific to your property.

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Image Source: Flickr