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Ian Mudge’s Grain Upgraded in Port Pirie


With the South Australian Harvest now underway Viterra's first barley upgrade for the season has boosted the price for local Telowie grower Ian Mudge's delivery.

Mr Mudge delivered his first load of Spartacus barley which was classified as BAR2 and just missed the higher-grade classification, but with the introduction of barley dynamic binning this harvest his load met the eligibility criteria for an instant upgrade to BAR1.

It is expected that there will be upgrades across the season which is a win for South Australian farmers pockets.

Viterra’s operation Manager Michael Hill said “Barley dynamic binning had been added this harvest due to feedback from growers, following wheat dynamic binning delivering $6 million dollars of value.

He said the service was available for Barley Malt1 grades for Planet, Scope, Spartacus and Compass as well as BAR1 and wheat grades ASW1, APW1, H2 and H1.

Image Source: Pixabay