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Whyalla Airport Traffic Changes

whyalla airport 2

Whyalla Airport traffic congestion is set to ease due to changes made by the council.

Taxi and Freight lanes will be separated allowing traffic to flow smoothly.

Manager of Airport Operations, Howard Aspey stated, “The present taxi lane, to the left of the terminal, will move to the adjacent ten-minute parking lane. This will allow taxis to come and go immediately on pick-up and drop-off. The present taxi lane is bounded by median strips causing taxis to wait in line to depart.”

According to Mr Aspey “Taxis were being held up, the freight companies were vying with the taxis for space and motorists were, unfortunately, staying too long in ten-minute zones.”

There will be no more ten-minute parking lanes for motorists.

The new ‘Kiss and Drop’ lane to the right of the terminal, will assure motorists get in and out of the airport without hassle.

Those that need more time can take advantage of free one-hour parking. Spaces will be available at all times of the day and only metres away from the airport terminal entrance.

Mr Aspey believes that there aren’t many airports that can offer that level of convenience with no fee to the public.

The new restrictions will come into place in the next two weeks, with prominent signage to direct all motorists and pedestrians.

The above image sourced by Whyalla Council demonstrates the following: The taxi lane, left, will become a freight lane. The ten-minute lane, centre with two cars parked, will become the taxi lane and the ten-minute area, right of picture where the ute is parked, will become the "kiss and drop" area.