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8 More Officers Sent to Assist in Queensland Fires


Local CFS Members from Stirling North, Pt Broughton, Hallet and Napperby were among the second crew to be deployed from South Australia.

The 8 South Australian officers have been deployed to Canungra to assist in the Queensland fires this week. With up to 50 blazes burning, the crews service is in high demand.

With conditions predicted to worsen as the week progresses, the arrival of the South Australian crew will provide the Queensland firefighters with a much-needed break.

More than 1,200 bushfires have been reported since the start of September.

Below you can find the names of the individuals currently serving in Queensland:

Mark Sutton – Stirling North

Tony Ackland - Stirling North,

Leon Bentley – Stirling North

Michael Baker – Pt Broughton

Chris McGloin – Hallett

Kym Burgess – Pt Broughton

Alex Giles – Napperby

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons