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Many of the state's regional centres were hit with petrol price spikes of up to 28 cents per litre in recent weeks. The highest recorded spike was in Whyalla with a price jump of 28 cents per litre, Port Augusta coming in second with 25 cents per litre and finally 24 cents per litre in Clare.

Mark Borlace of the RAA suggested buyers should be using various real-time fuel pricing apps, to identify the lowest priced retailer in your local area.

With that being said, there is currently a gap in communication between the retailer and the government, which is then affecting the accuracy of app’s data.

However, Mr Borlace said RAA was encouraged by a statement to the media by a government spokesperson last week saying investigations into real time fuel pricing were continuing, which will improve the system for the buyer.

As of Friday the 13th current prices were as follows for UPL:

Whyalla 149.9

Clare 139.8

Port Augusta 163.8

Port Pirie 139.4

Image Source: Flickr via Pexels