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Peterborough Subway Rejuvenation


Mid North residents are getting an even brighter community thanks to two students and their community project.

Olivia and Tamika from Orroroo Area School have decided to clean and paint the Peterborough Subway.

The makeover is part of the girl’s compulsory community project subject at school but is also something that’s close to their heart.

As part of the school project, the painting should be finished by the end of the month, but the girls know they won't meet the deadline.

They have however said they hope to have one side of the tunnel completed and will continue working on the other side afterwards.

They have an account set up at Peterborough Hardware for the public to help with their cause, and they say the feedback has been positive.

Show your support on their Facebook page or by donating at Peterborough Hardware - 131-135 Main St, Peterborough, South Australia 5422.

Photo: Pexels