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Animal Activists Law Awareness

CaptureThe federal government has introduced a Bill to clear up the confusion surrounding animal activists and their use of their phone and internet when planning illegal activity.

The Bill doesn’t create new laws but instead sheds light on the existing ones when dealing with online posts that incites people to trespass, thieve, or damage property on agricultural land.

Agricultural Minister Bridget McKenzie said the Criminal Code Amendment gives a sense of security to farmers.

Farm trespass became a major issue for the region in January when an animal rights group Aussie Farms created an interactive map (pictured) with the locations of farms across the country. 

We contacted a number of farms in the Mid North and Port Pirie Regions, all of which declined to comment. 

As it stands, using your phone or the internet to rouse criminal activity has been an offence for a number of years.

However, this Bill will assist both local police and the AFP when dealing with trespass, but also make clear the laws when activists are planning an event.

Photo: Aussie Farms