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New Leaders Institute of South Australia

Leaders.jpegA new nine-day program has been developed by the Leaders Institute of South Australia, to support emerging leaders in the Upper Spencer Gulf.

The Governor’s Leadership Foundation Program gets participants talking about how culture, economy, society, environment, business and the government are connected.

The institute’s CEO Cathie Brown said the program is perfect for enhancing people who have been community leaders for years.

"Last year we came to Port Augusta and Whyalla and one of the things that struck me with the people we were meeting was how connected they all were, but also how they were probably people who have been leaders in the community for many years," she said.

"Can we have a next generation of leaders that actually makes the most of those opportunities for the area to grow economically? But also for social cohesion to be a better community, and a better community to be a part of."

The program brings together 25 – 45-year-old emerging leaders, team leaders and managers who want to hone their skills and grasp the elements of leadership.

"We can help to grow the next generation of people who are really switched on, see opportunities, make the most of them and can lead other people through that change."

For more information on how you can be apart of the program, click here.

Photo: Pexels