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Port Pirie Students Turn Up the Heat in S.A. Culinary Challenge

Baking.jpgThe South Australian Secondary Schools Culinary Challenge saw a number of Port Pirie students score a silver medal in the comp.

Two students from Port Pirie’s St Mark’s College, Mya and Kasey, scored 83.5% securing themselves a silver medal with those scoring over 90% receiving gold.

While two students from John Pirie Secondary School, Angel and Katie, both received over 80% in the challenge.

The girls said the whole experience reminded them of MasterChef and also proved very stressful when completing the timed challenge.

"We had to split up a lot of the jobs half and half because there was no way we were going to be able to do it in the hour otherwise. We communicated and kept together really well and I think that is pretty much how we got to where we were," Mya said. 

"At the time we were worried and thought we hadn't done a good job, but it turned out pretty well. The only thing that was wrong with it was that our crumbing fell off the asparagus and we could have put our food closer together on the plate," Kasey added. 

The girls competed against 20 other schools having to serve up two plates in a one hour timeframe and said they learned a number of valuable lessons such as communication being key in tense situations.

Photo: PixaBay