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Aboriginal Filmmakers in Port Augusta

Camera.jpgThe South Australia Film Corporation (SAFC) are hosting a four-month course on film making for Aboriginal people living in Port Augusta and surrounding areas.

Professional film makers will assist participants in bringing their stories to life by scripting, shooting and producing two short documentaries.

SAFC Associate executive Nara Wilson said Aboriginal stories are important and need to be told.

"It's a big focus at the South Australian Film Corporation for Aboriginal people to be telling their own stories and that's what we are doing," she said.

"We are creating new skills here in the Aboriginal community of Port Augusta and hopefully one day we will stop doing these workshops because they'll be running them themselves.

"It's really important to get their stories out there as well, especially for the elders who might not be with us for too long."

The documentaries will be screened during the Country Arts SA Black Screen festival next year and could also play on National Indigenous Television (NITV).

Photo: PixaBay