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International Star Adrian Eagle's Local Connections

ConcertInternational soul-rapper Adrian Eagle has reduced the weight on his body and with it, the negative energy in his life.

While he grew up in Adelaide, his grandmother and uncle live in Port Pirie and he would often visit to say hello.

Shedding the weight has given Eagle the confidence to take on the music industry even more so than before.

"I had dark times in my teens which is what I sing about," he said.

"I was killing myself with food and negative thoughts. If there were harder substances as well, I would have taken them, too.”

Eagle decided it was time for a change so moved states and started to chase his dream.

"I moved to Melbourne and had a fresh start. I didn't start my music until four or five years ago [but] I had always been singing," he said.

Later this year he will be touring Canada and America as the support act for fellow Aussies Hilltop Hoods, and also supporting Tones And I when they tour Aus in September.

He will also release his EP, Mama, which is dedicated to his mother and includes the hit single 17 Again, listen now.